Skull Bone Injury Can Be Fatal

The bone structure that forms the head in the human skeleton is known as the skull bone. In general, the skull bones consist of 2 parts, namely the skull bones in the head (shell) and the skull bones in the face. The existence of this skull bones plays an important role in protecting the brain and supporting the formation of facial structures. Skull bone is composed of several parts of the bone, namely the upper and lower jaw bones, zigoma bones, forehead bones, parietal bones, temporal bones (temples), occipital bones (back of the head), sphenoid bones, and ethmoid bones. All of these skull bones are joined by a connective tissue like thick sutures. Usually, these seams don't blend together tightly until you are an adult. It is intended that your brain can continue to grow from childhood to adolescence. Types of damage to the skull Although the skull bones are designed very strongly, but still have the potential to be injured. Injury or trauma to the skull bones can usually
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